About The Blog

This blog was created to bring together women in a fun, open and welcoming forum. It’s built on the opinion, insights and lessons of a community. As we grow, the articles and posts grow. Our mission is to help each woman reach the goal of being a better version of herself through knowledge, experience, no judgement and love.

At the end of 2014, I decided to work on being a Better Me. I liked the idea because I didn’t have to be perfect and I didn’t have to be like someone else. Just me, but only better through continued growth. I knew that true growth would need to come through a holistic approach; looking at who I am and who I want to become. One aspect of myself that I am personally working on is connecting with others and being open and transparent. So I created this blog to foster a community of support, encouragement and growth among the women I know and love, and those that I haven’t met yet!

The 2015 journey is starting with a 15 week program. Each week is a new challenge that we call Growth Goals. A blog article about the growth goal is sent out each Sunday and then we are off to fulfill it that week! Goals fall within one of four categories: Self-reflection, Health & Wellness, Relationships or Experiences. 

The success and strength of these goals comes in sharing with each other, supporting one another and holding each other accountable. With that said share on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest; your weekly journey using the overarching hashtag #betterme15 and the weekly theme.

So for each of us, here’s to 2015 about being a “better me”.

About Nicole Selena

Nicole Selena

 I refuse to write another boring professional bio for at least the next few months so I’m going to give a quick peek at who I am…in the first person! (gasp). 

I’m a dreamer, a writer, super loyal, task-oriented and to myself and sweet husband pretty darn funny. I love making lists and checking off a task once completed. I can hang in the ocean, pool, bathtub or any body of water (except lakes) for hours. I adore my family and friends, they are ridiculously charismatic. Eating makes me happy so skipping workouts, is not an option, if I want to fit into my skinny jeans. I can be a perfectionist and pretty hard on myself and while I have a lot to say up until now I’ve kept my cards close to my chest. Traveling is my addiction and watching anime is one of my guilty pleasures.  

 For my business minded ladies, here’s some of my professional background that may interest you. 

After getting laid off in July 2014, I started my own business, Creative Flame Media, and it’s been the best decision ever! I’ll be sure to write some more blogs posts about that. My company is a marketing firm that offers small business strategy development, content implementation and management. I also serve as the Executive Director of the Divine Authority Foundation. A non-profit 501c3 that provides programming and services to single mothers and youth in Metro-Atlanta.

Prior to starting my own company I’ve been a Director of Marketing for a film studio, an Economic Developer, Event Planner and I’m even a Greenbelt in Six Sigma. I’ve driven trucks and cleaned public restrooms, I’ve been on television and done voiceovers, I’ve sold t-shirts and taught dance classes, I’ve conducted audits and designed websites. I’ve been called a renaissance woman before but the gist is that I love trying new things and tackling new challenges (except cleaning restrooms, that was for the birds). 

 The biggest thing I can tell you about me is that I get the greatest fulfillment out of encouraging others to dream big and go after their purpose. I think that’s why I finally decided to start this blog, to create a place where the people I know can connect and grow. 

~Nicole Selena