Tips for Makeup that Will Last All Day

Here’s an awesome long-lasting makeup tip from our very own Master Make-Up Artist Alisha J MUA!


I get asked all the time, “how do I get my makeup to last all day?” It begins with a clean face and a primer. Putting makeup on a dirty face will cause your makeup to mix with the natural oils, dead skin (your skin is a living organism that is constantly regenerating) and dirt from the atmosphere. This in turn causes the make up to have a more difficult time adhering to your face. Look at it this way, when you paint a wall you clean and prime it first in order to help the paint to adhere to the wall better, right? Makeup is like paint for your face, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your face?

The next question I get asked is “what is the best primer?” Chances are you have the best primer in your refrigerator right now. The suspense is killing you right? A little known secret is using milk of magnesia (MOM) as a primer. Making sure your hands are clean, use it gingerly by patting it lightly with your ring finger* or by using a clean small stippling brush. Let this dry for at least 3 minutes and then apply your makeup. Note: your face should not appear completely chalky. If this occurs, pat your face with a damp wash cloth to remove a little of the MOM without completely removing it all. Remember that less is more, but for the best results, apply more MOM to your most oily spots.

*You should use your ring finger because this is the weakest finger on your hand. As such, it will apply the least amount of pressure to your face and will allow you to use less product.

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