Successful Growth through Reflection & Celebration

This is the final Growth Goal for the #BetterMe15 challenge! And this week has two components.


Many times the most valuable part of a journey isn’t the finish line but what you learned along the way. How did you change for the better? What lessons can you take into the next journey? How have you grown? What would you do differently? I find that I’ll miss this step sometimes, especially when I’m running 100 miles an hour. I’ll wrap up one project and move onto the next with a cursory thought to what went wrong and how to do better next time.

But to gain real value from any experience and process, you have to stop and with an open mind, really reflect on, review and evaluate what took place and ask yourself questions like the ones mentioned above. So this growth goal has us coming back full circle in a way. If needed, go back and read the first growth post on Journaling.

Then pull out that journal once more and this time focus on the last 15 weeks.

  • What weeks were easy? What weeks were hard? Why?
  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • What did you skip and want to try again?
  • What lessons, habits, and attitude do you want to apply to situations and your life moving forward?

Once you feel you’ve completed that exercise to your personal level of satisfaction then…


Whether you completed 1 week or all 15 – give yourself credit for what you did. Take time to do something that you love this week. Pour into your spirit: Joy, Happiness and Love. This was all about growth and growth is a process. The same way we laugh and celebrate with a child that takes their first step on the journey to running, we need to laugh and celebrate each step we take in the larger journey that is life.


~ Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for walking along this path side by side with me. From my soul to yours I wish you love, peace and of course laughter!

Nicole Selena