The Freedom of Forgiveness

In this audio series we chat with Damaris Johnson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Founder of The Walk of Life Counseling Center. The topic of our conversation is The Freedom of Forgiveness – a great follow-up to the audio series Unpacking Your Baggage. Our interview includes answers to:

  • What is forgiveness
  • What are the effects of holding on to un-forgiveness
  • Signs that may reveal areas of your life that have un-forgiveness in them
  • Steps to forgiveness


Forgiveness Audio Image





Growth Goal

This audio series is focused on how to forgive others but the growth goal for this week is stepping into the opposite role. Being the one that asks for forgiveness!

You don’t have to go deep. Think about your actions over the last week or two. Did you lose your temper with a family member? Did you break a promise with a friend? Did you mishandle a situation with a co-worker or show-up late to the office? Take a moment to ask for forgiveness for an action you aren’t proud of. Taking another step to better versions of ourselves (pushing unhelpful pride to the side)!