Cooking At Home Challenge

Grab your spatula’s and pans ladies! This week’s Growth Goal is a cooking challenge. Falling under our Health & Wellness category; cooking at home is a great way to eat healthier. Usually, regardless of what you cook, it’s going to be better (less sodium etc.) than what you’d get eating out. It can also be great for your wallet.

Kitchen Amateur Challenge
If you aren’t a regular at home chef, the goal this week is to stretch ourselves by making at least 3 meals at home! So hit the internet and find some delicious recipes to try out.

Kitchen Queen Challenge
If you already reign queen in your kitchen then your challenge is to make a dish you’ve never tried before – incorporating an ingredient you’ve never used before.

Let’s see what you whip up this week! Tag me or use the hashtag #BetterMe15 on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

~Nicole Selena