4 Steps to Make Time for Yourself

Making time for yourself, finding solitude, satisfying your soul is extremely important. As women we can easily find our hours filled with activities and duties that never involve the gratification of our personal and internal needs and desires.

1. Truly believe “Me Time” is important

We live in a world where multi-tasking is an art form and its mastery is worn as a badge of honor. But time and again research has proven that stillness, solitude and time in which to rejuvenate and renew is vital to our health.

When you are worn down, uninspired, frazzled, or operating below your optimal level because you don’t have time to stop and just be; you are less valuable to those you are running around for. Taking time for you is a beautiful concept to embrace and practice because it benefits both you and others.

2. Identify activities that make you happy

Once you’ve come to terms with the idea that you need, require and deserve time for yourself, it’s time to identify what makes you happy. What will bolster your spirit and give you energy versus draining it from you?

Some activities that some of my friends, co-workers and family enjoy include:

Baths with bubbles, candles and relaxing music
Outdoor Meditation
Visiting an art museum
Reading a good book

3. Schedule your personal time

Our mad scheduling and project management skills are admired far and wide but these same skills are usually severely underutilized when it comes to something that’s just for us.

Treat your personal time with the same dedication and scheduling finesse as a conference call, board meeting, child’s soccer tournament, church retreat or the like. Seal it in stone and write it in red ink on the calendar (or red text if it’s virtual).

4. Establish an accountability partner.

The reason we make sure so many of the events above get done is because we are held accountable for our actions. Whether accountable to a client, our spouse, children, parents or virtual strangers; our reputation and being women of our word are at stake.

Build in this same form of accountability when it comes to your personal time. Tell your friend, family member or co-worker to check-in with you on an appointed day and time to touch base and ensure that you did what you set out to do. Post your intentions in advance on social media and ask your network to hold you responsible. Anything that will make it harder to let any minor excuse derail your plans.

Growth Goal: This week choose one activity to do that’s just for you…and then do it!