The Body Reset Detox Plan

I felt sluggish and heavy. I constantly craved what I knew was bad for me; sugary and fatty foods. My skin was regularly breaking out and I just felt toxic. I knew that like a cluttered house, my body needed a deep and thourough cleaning; it needed to be reset. But I’d tried detox cleansers from the health store before. I hated the stomach cramps and unpredictable dashes to the restroom that came with it. I knew there had to be a natural and healthy way to get my body back in balance.

After reading articles on line and watching documentaries about plant-based lifestyles, I put together this detox plan and gave it a try. The first time I did it, the heavens opened up and I realized my body hadn’t been operating at its prime since I was a child!

In today’s chaotic world it’s hard to maintain a completely “earth-based” eating regimen but I try to incorporate this into my life every 8-12 weeks if not more.


Everyone’s body is different but below are some of the benefits myself, close friends and family have experienced during this detox:

  • Increase in energy
  • More restful sleep
  • Healthier looking skin
  • Regular effortless bowel movements
  • Weightloss (average 4-6 lbs in 7 days)
  • Lessened cravings for processed sugar and fatty foods

Day 1 – 4 food3

Raw Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts

You can eat as many fruits, vegetables and nuts as your heart desires – it just has to be raw. That’s it no other rules. — water, fruits, vegetables, nuts.


Example Day/Meals

  • Ginger tea and lemon is a great way to clean out your system and is a perfect pairing with this detox, especially the first few days. No sugar but you can add honey.
  • Fruit and more fruit! Because of the sugar content it’s better to stack most of your fruit at the front-end of your day so you burn it off throughout the day.
  • Salad: Make it as robust as you can. I like to add carrots, cucumbers, nuts, cranberries, strawberries etc.
  • Dressings: I personally love olive oil and a dash of red wine vinaigrette on my salads. Other vinaigrettes are optional. Nothing dairy or fatty (no ranch or French etc). Ginger dressing is great because again ginger helps against gastrointestinal distress and contains antioxidants.
  • Whatever makes you happy within the regulations!
  • Nuts: Any variety of nuts is great. And they serve as an important protein source. I eat them by themselves and also on salads
  • Organic Peanut Butter: You can go to a Whole Foods or Fresh Market and have a bag of peanuts made into organic peanut butter (no preservatives or added oils). I use this to eat with celery, apples and carrots.
  • Smoothies: Fruit, water/ice and a little honey go a long way. Throw some kale, spinach or carrots in there if you feel you’re lacking in the vegetable department.


Day 5 – 7food2

Raw & Cooked Fruits and Vegetables

You will still want to avoid processed food but now you can cook (sauté, bake, steam) your vegetables and fruit until your heart is content.

  • Option 1: You still don’t eat anything that has been processed – buy fresh (preferred alternative)
  • Option 2: You can eat some processed things like canned vegetable soup


Example Meals

  • I keep the same regimen for breakfast. Raw fruits gets the body going.

Lunches and dinners will now feel like a world of endless possibilities:

  • sautéed spinach and mushrooms
  • oven baked sweet potato fries
  • steamed vegetable medley
  • homemade vegetable soup
  • garlic and parsley red potatoes
  • Just like days 1-4 keep snacking throughout the day on fruits, vegetables and nuts


I crafted this special page of tips from firsthand experience doing this detox over the last 2 years. PLEASE READ – Life will be better if you do so.

  • HUNGER: You should NEVER be hungry. You SHOULD find yourself becoming a grazer and eating almost hourly. If you are hungry …. EAT (within the outlined goals). If you’re hungry, you’re not doing it right … again… EAT.
  • WATER: Don’t forget to drink water. You need to drink plenty of water. You are detoxing. If your body can’t remove the toxins through your urine it will push the toxins out through your skin (aka acne). Avoid any breakouts by drinking a LOT of water and keeping those toxins headed out the preferred way.
  • CONSTIPATION: You may find yourself constipated the first 2 days. Your body is so excited to have so much goodness it wants to hold onto it. By day 3 or so, when it realizes more amazing nutrients are coming it will start to let waste go.
    • Take special note of your bowel movements near the end. These should be regular and effortless. Use this as your benchmark in the future. If this isn’t how your body is operating it’s trying to tell you something and the culprit will likely be what you’re putting in your mouth.
  • CRAVINGS: Understand your cravings. A craving is your body identifying a nutrient that is lacking. Sometimes, thanks to poor eating habits, we don’t really understand exactly what it is our body is asking for. Below are some tips:
    • Craving a candy bar or something sugary? Grab a tangerine, apple, watermelon or similar sweet fruit.
    • Craving a steak or chicken? That’s an indication your body needs more protein. Grab those nuts and get to it.
    • Craving bread? During days 1-4 find a starchy vegetable that you can consume raw like broccoli. On days 5-7 up the ante with a baked potato or homemade sweet potato fries.
  • WITHDRAWL: Most of your struggles will be mental, but those of you easily and highly addicted to processed sugars (like me), bread (like me) and fatty foods (sigh, like me) ; you may quite literally experience withdrawal symptoms. Be ready with healthy snacks and an understanding that at the end of this you will control your body not the other way around! One day at a time. I’ve been there – email me if you need moral support.
  • LAST MEAL: Do not have a “last meal” the day before – you aren’t on death row. Having a large unhealthy last meal (or last “day” for my people who do it big), will only set your body up to suffer a more intense withdrawal phase. Ease in by making the day before as healthy as possible. Whole grains, salmon etc versus pizza with the works, ice cream and fries.


Click on image to DOWNLOAD PDF of the Body Reset Detox plan:

The Body Reset Detox Plan







To healthy functioning bodies! #BetterMe 15,

Nicole Selena


*Disclaimer: I’m not a registered dietician dispensing dietary advice, nor am I a personal trainer, doctor or anything of the like. I’m just a woman who loves how healthy feels and sharing my personal experiences and routines. If you have any existing health-related conditions or are pregnant you should consult with your physician or health practitioner in advance.