Confidence Boosters: Small But Daring

Jumping out of a plane, hiking up a volcano, traveling to an exotic part of the world. There are a seemingly endless list of possibilities when it comes to doing something that generates a rush and with just a thought causes your heart to race. All of these activities help us to boost our confidence. We walk away saying “we did it”!

However, many of those options are not the cheapest. And sometimes you need a boost in confidence without the requisite 4-9 months advanced planning and a decrease in your savings account. The great news is that there are other ways to get a thrill and boost your confidence.

Purple Nail Polish

Find something that seems small or fairly insignificant to the world but is daring for you. Here’s a personal example. I own three bottles of purple nail polish. I have never worn purple nail polish. Those beautiful rich sparkling bottles sit amongst their sisters, shades of pink, red, and burgundy, crying out to be used.

Wearing purple nail polish is not a big deal. I’ve watched close friends, co-workers, church members and strangers pull off the look over and over again. I love the color. I think it’s bold and vibrant and edgy. But every time I open that bottle and put brush to nail, I freak out. I promptly get the nail polish remover and replace it with my comfort zone pink.

Just thinking about going through with it gets my heart racing…so let’s do it. I’ll update the bottom of this post no later than 3 days from the original post date with a photo of my purple nails as proof!

Small but daring ideas

When I mentioned this topic to a few friends. They each thought for 5-10 seconds then immediately had something come to mind. This is what they shared:

  • Getting her hair colored
  • Having henna done on her hands
  • Being the first to volunteer to speak in a staff meeting

What is your small but daring act that you can do today?

  • Do you still have that outfit you bought but have never been brave enough to wear?
  • Did you always want to try that one dish at a restaurant but you just can’t abandon the ones you know and love so well?
  • Have you always wondered what it was like to go to a movie theater alone?


Personal Confidence Booster List

Take a moment to think on it. Write down a quick list in your journal and choose one to do. Consider it like a close cousin to the traditional Bucket List. When you need a confidence booster or you’re feeling like taking a risk and stretching yourself, go back to this list and make the next one a reality.


P.S. Prepare in advance. Talk to yourself. Get yourself excited. The goal is to boost your confidence and say “I did it!” Don’t walk out of the house self-conscious. Be brave, Be Beautiful, Be A Better You, Because you Can and you Did. #Betterme15


Purple Nail Polish! I LOVE it. #mynewfavoritecolor










To being daring, in whatever form that looks like for you,

Nicole Selena