4 Preparation Steps: BetterMe15

The #BetterMe15 challenge is a 15 week program where we work on one growth goal per week. Growth goals fall into one of four categories: Self-Reflection, Health & Wellness, Relationships or Experiences. Instead of creating a long and overwhelming list of resolutions we as a group, focus on one goal each week. The goals vary and were chosen to provide a more holistic approach to being a Better Me. An approach that takes into consideration our physical, emotional and mental wellness.


Steps to Preparation

1. Get a Journal 
This is a step that you may think you can skip but I listed it as number one to emphasize its importance. The benefits of journaling are numerous and impactful. It provides clarity of thought, it can allow you to see a situation from multiple view points and research has even shown that it can strengthen your immune system.

A large number of our goals will include writing down your thoughts, your progress and results. So don’t skip out on this one. Go get a journal that visually speaks to your personality. Something you’ll want to pull out regularly just because it’s eye candy!

For my techies: If you are like me you are probably reading this and making a mental note to create a “journal” notebook online in your Evernote or other preferred app. Halt, Stop, Pause! Please, in this one aspect of your life, for 15 weeks, I’m asking you to go old school with me and write using pen and paper. It will help rest your eyes from a computer screen and prevent unwanted distractions such as emails, calendar alerts and social media temptation. If you are still cringing then let’s meet half way. Feel free to take pictures of your pages and create a digital copy later.


2. Stay Connected 
It’s important to stay connected via the newsletter, website or Facebook page. Go ahead and sign-up, create bookmarks or anything else that makes checking-in easier for you. While the Growth Goals will be emailed and posted each week, additional material will be published as well. Recipes, book suggestions, tech to help with work-life balance and much more.


3. Create a Growth Group
Humans have been proven to be communal beings. We not only survive but flourish when we are connected to others. The image of community has changed over the years. No longer being limited by geographic boundaries and proximity.

The website forums, and social media outlets will help to keep us all connected but another layer of support never hurts. Think about creating a Growth Group amongst your friends, family or co-workers. People that you will see in person or can speak to on the phone about your journey. Someone that will call you out when you try to skip out on the workout challenge or who can be an unbiased sounding board during the week of forgiveness.


4. Make It Personal 
Some Growth Goals are pretty straightforward but many will be very personal for you. Read the growth goals and examples given but then take time to internalize how that goal equals growth for you. You may need to make a few tweaks or broaden your interpretation and that’s great! This isn’t a bootcamp or weightless program. This is about being Better versions of ourselves; not anyone else. So tailor your journey as needed to meet your personal goals.