Two Time Management Apps to Keep You Focused

There are some awesome iPhone apps that I love to use to save time, money and sanity. Below are 2 apps that I like to use specifically to help with time management, i.e sanity.

Hours keeper

As a business owner I have quite a few projects and clients that are based on billable hours. This app is great because I can clock-in, clock-out and track the time spent on various projects.

Features and Perks

  1. hourskeeper app: Time ManagementThe timer keeps running even if you close out of the app to answer a call or send emails. And if you forget to turn the timer off after a project, like I did just last week, and like me you’re sure your client didn’t rack up a $800 bill that day, you can easily go back in and adjust accordingly.
  2. You enter the project rate and it automatically calculates the final invoice amount for you. For me this is great because some projects such as web design versus PR have very different rates.
    You can track how much you’ve made by
    a. by length of time (month, week, quarter)
    b. by a specific client or project
    c. A combination of the above: i.e. a select group of projects over the last month, it’s very versatile in this regard
  3. You can email yourself the records to add to your computer files. I have a practice of once a week emailing myself the hours worked for each project and filing it in designated files on my computer. Apps are great but they can crash and data can be lost so practice diligent record keeping and have records in multiple places
  4. There is an invoice capability but I’ve never used it. I use my own accounting software so I’ve never tried this out. If you have let me know how you like it.

Even if your work isn’t based on billable hours this is a great tool to track how long you spend on different projects. I find when I’m tracking where my time is going I’m much more efficient. I stop needing to be a perfectionist when I realize great quality was done in one hour but perfectionist tendencies caused me to lose another hour.

There is a free version and one-time paid version of Hours Keeper available for iPhones and Androids. I use the paid (Pro) version because there are no limits on the number of clients or projects I can track at any given time.

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Say hello to the glorified timer.

This app, though at its core is just a timer,  has a few bells and whistles that helps it to retain its position as one of my time management tools.

3030 app: Time Management When you open the app you can set what tasks you want to do that day and allocate the time that should be dedicated to each. Once you hit start, the app starts counting down. What’s nice is that it will give you a notification (beep or sound) when the time to complete the task is up and a new one should be started.

This is great if there are tasks or maybe even guilty pleasures that you find yourself regularly getting lost in and losing track of time. 30/30 is also helpful with limiting distractions. If you see that you only have 10 minutes left to complete your task you are less likely to go trolling Facebook.

Like all tools, it’s only as useful as your will power. So try to stay strong and actually turn the tv off when it says your allocated time is up.

30/30 is free in the App Store for iOS

Tip: Be sure to build in breaks between tasks to give your mind a rest. And don’t feel the need to structure your entire life. Just use it when it makes sense or when you’re on a tight schedule and need something to help you stick to it.